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Easy Easy Apps lets you create, customize and publish your iPhone and Android apps and mobile websites simply and easily.

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Easy Easy Apps Editor | Create Mobile App

How to create an App that fits your business?

Easy Easy Apps is an App Maker that allows you to create Android and iPhone apps, as well as mobile websites, without writing a line of code. Easy Easy Apps gives you the power of a development and design team without having to program anything or having to hire anyone.

The App Maker enables you to develop Android and iPhone Apps that will boost your sales and grow your clientele through simple, straightforward steps. Easy Easy Apps was developed to be super easy to use and to make the most of your time.

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How to add Features to your App?

We want you to make the best apps possible. We studied more than 100,000 apps developed in the App Maker to identify our customers’ needs and turn them into features that take just seconds to configure.

Choose between the many features that our App Maker offers you to best meet your project goals. Each feature can be branded and customized to best suit you and your audience.

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Easy Easy Apps Editor | Add Mobile Features

Easy Easy Apps Editor | Customize Mobile App

How to customize your application’s brand?

Easily design an application interface that matches your brand’s visual identity. Create your own logo image and splash screens, then add them to your Android and iPhone app in simple steps.

The app is yours and yours alone. It should show your colors and themes. It’s all about promoting your brand, helping you increase your sales and building customer loyalty.

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How to incorporate dynamic content?

Easy Easy Apps’ App Maker integrates with platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and WordPress to make managing your content easier than ever. Easy Easy Apps also includes a straightforward Content Management System where you can upload and manage all your products, news, photos, and any other information you need.

If you have your own database or content management system and you didn’t find an out-of-box integration module inside the App Maker, drop us a line – it’s very likely that we can make it work with Easy Easy Apps.

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Easy Easy Apps Editor | Dynamic App Content

Mobile website, Android and iPhone App Publish

How to publish your application online?

Once you finish building your app, you are ready to publish to Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and as a mobile website. You can publish the app yourself following our Publishing App Tutorials or you can give our support team access to your App Store accounts and we’ll do it for you.

We take care of every step of the process. All you have to do is click publish and wait.