Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start developing applications?

To develop apps you should:

  • Register;
  • Select an application category;
  • Configure the navigation and the visuals in the “Design” tab;
  • Add functionalities;
  • Configure the functionalities in the “Contents” tab;
  • Configure the name and language of the app in the “Settings” tab;
  • Subscribe an Easy Easy Apps Plan in the “Publish” tab;

What functionalities are available in the platform?

  • News: from Facebook, from an rss feed or custom input;
  • Photos: from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or rss feed;
  • Videos: from a Youtube channel or rss feed;
  • Products: products catalogue;
  • Cart: list of products, shopping cart and checkout;
  • Contacts: custom input of your company contacts;
  • Message: sends an email message through the app;
  • Music and list of music: integrate with a radio streaming or create a list of mp3 musics;
  • Places an list of places: custom integration of points in the map or with the URL of a KML file;
  • Facebook page;
  • Twitter page;
  • Menu: through Facebook, rss feed or custom input;
  • Coupons: through facebook, rss feed or custom input of promotions;
  • Loyalty: loyalty cards;
  • Podcast: URL integration of your music website;
  • Website: integration with your website URL link;
  • Events and calendar: list of events or calendar;
  • Schedule: form for scheduling and appointment or to book a table;
  • FAQ: through Facebook, URL link or custom input.

The functionality I need is not available in the platform. What should I do?

You should send an email to asking about the functionality. The implementation might be planed for future releases.

Which platforms are supported by Easy Easy Apps?

Easy Easy Apps Editor allows you to develop apps for Android in version 4.1 or higher and apps for iPhone in version 9.1 or higher. Moreover, there is a web version. Windows phone and iPad are not supported by Easy Easy Apps.

How can I see the app preview?

To preview the app you should publish click the button “Open in mobile” available after entering the Editor. Then, you will be able to see the app in the mobile browser or you can download at the store our app to see apps: Easy Easy Apps Previewer.

What do I need to do to publish in the stores?

To publish you need to:

  • Subscribe one of the Easy Easy Apps Plans.
  • Open a developer account in the stores Google Play and Apple App Store.

If I don’t want to publish in the stores, can I get the publications files?

Yes, by subscribing an Easy Easy Apps Plan.

How do I subscribe a plan or service?

You should Enter Easy Easy Apps Editor, choose the app you intend to publish and click in “Subscribe a plan“.

To subscribe a professional plan, please send an email to

What are the payment methods?

The payments are done with an international credit card or PayPal.

What are the prices of the Easy Easy Apps plans and services?

To see the prices of the Easy Easy Apps plans check the Price page.

What are the prices of developer accounts in the stores?

  • On Google Play it is 25$ dollars just once: See more
  • On App Store it is 99$ dollars/year: See more

How long does it take to publish?

In Google Play it takes up to 48h and in Apple App Store it takes up to 15 days.

We advise you to prepare your account 3 weeks prior to launching the app.

Does the app work offline?

The apps developed in Easy Easy Apps only work online.

How do you guarantee the confidentiality of my app?

Your app’s confidenciality is guaranteed by Easy Easy Apps through the acceptance of both parties, Easy Easy Apps and the client, of our terms and conditions.

What happens to the sales revenue or usage of my application?

The revenue that you obtain by using the app will be yours.

The contents of the application are your property and responsability, without us having any influence or rights for them.

Does the application come with the Easy Easy Apps brand?

The applications don’t have any reference to Easy Easy Apps.