How to create an app with your posts from Google+

How to import your posts from Google+?

Easy Easy Apps allows you to easily import your posts from your Google Plus Account.

For this you simply need to indicate which is the URL from the RSS feed of your page. In this tutorial we will teach you step by step how to discover the RSS feed from your Google+ posts and how to integrate them to Easy Easy Apps.

Discovering your RSS Feed from your Google+ posts

In order to discover your RSS Feed from Google+ public posts you just have to follow the following steps:

Enter to your Google+ page. In this case we will use the Easy Easy Apps page as an example (see image below):

Google Plus Easy Easy Apps page

Open a new window on your browser to the following website: http://gplusrss.com.

On the site's home page, you will be able to see a button that will say Login via Google+
(see image below).
Press the button to start with the process:

Location of the Login button on Google+ to RSS website

After this a new window will appear. Select the google account that corresponds to the Google+ account where you want to find the RSS´s feed URL. Press the Accept button to give access to your contents and continue with the next step. (See image below).

In case the process is denied, this will be finalized and you won't have access to the RSS´s feed URL.

Permission page for Google+ to RSS to access your Google+ page

On your screen you will find a box with necessary information to enter the RSS´s feed URL. For this, you just need to press the orange icon. (See image below).

List of RSS feeds from Google+

After you pressed it a new window will show up on your browser (See image below), select the URL of the address bar, like the one on the image and copy the URL.

Page with the URL of the RSS feed from your Google+ page

Using your RSS Feed for your Google+ posts with Easy Easy Apps

Go to edit your app´s contents on the Easy Easy Apps site www.easyeasyapps.com an on Function RSS, paste the URL from the last step.

RSS Functionality editing page on Easy Easy Apps Editor

And it´s done! When you press Refresh App on your virtual phone on your window´s right hand side, the windows will show your Google+ posts as soon as the integration is completed.

New RSS feed from Google+ posts

In case you need to create a new RSS feed from another account, or a different Google+ website, press the “New” button above the RSS feed frame, previously created (see image below).

Creating a new RSS feed on the Google+ to RSS website

When you press the button, a new window will open. In it, you will find an empty box where you will place the Google+ page´s ID, that you want to put (see image below).

Google+ to RSS new RSS feed page

In order to do this, you must enter to your Google+ page. In the navigation bar, you will find the ID of your page. Select and copy this ID as the image suggests.

Google+ page indicating the page ID in the URL

Return to the Google+ to RRS page, and copy the ID of your Google+ page in the empty box.
Press the “Save feed” button to save this new change.

Google+ to RSS page to generate a new RSS feed

After you save it, a new RSS feed will be added to the frame you saw before (see image below).
To enter to the URL of the RSS feed, you will have to repeat the steps already shown.
Start by pushing the orange square icon related to your new Google+ page.

List of RSS feeds from Google+

Select and copy the URL from the navigation bar of the new browser window that appeared
(image below).

Page with the URL of the RSS feed from your Google+ page

Go to the Easy Easy Apps content editor of your app in www.easyeasyapps.com and paste in the URL field the content of your feed’s link that was copied in the previous step.

RSS Functionality editing page on the Easy Easy Apps Editor

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